Tuesday 24 June 2014

A hat for fun...

I wasn't feeling very well after vacuuming and cleaning my upstairs studio on Sunday afternoon. I tried to do some knitting to take my mind off the pain, etc. Unfortunately though knitting just wasn't cutting it.
While I put my knitting aside I saw the racing stripe yarn I made a few weeks ago. It is made from Purple Corriedale and Circus Northern Lights rovings. You can see the post here. The first thing that came to mind was HAT.

After I quickly determined the WPI (which was 8 WPI, making it a bulky yarn #5) I grabbed my 8mm crochet hook and began crocheting.

I decided I'd adapt a regular hat or toque pattern. You know the kind... Form a chain do 6 sc. in the centre; then double the number of sc.;  then add 6 sts every row evenly.

For my pattern I opted to change to an hdc after the first two rows to see more of the yarns colour. I worked in pattern (adding 6 sts every row) until I was able to cover my ears. For me this was 10 rows, so I had 72 sts. I didn't want to go too much wider because I wanted a slouchy hat not a beret.

So, I took it in by doing an hdc, then joining 2 hdc together every 5 sts finishing with an hdc. Still the edge wasn't tight enough but I didn't want the hat to get too much longer. I went back to the sc and worked 1sc followed by a join 2sts with a sc all the way round. It fit lovely. I gave it a finished edge of a sc round worked even.

As you can see my hat worked out beautifully!

This made the rest of my day feel much more manageable. I was so happy and proud of my work. I love doing little projects like this one to lift my spirits. 

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