Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Rigid Heddle Loom Stands

Attention Rigid Heddle Weavers. 

The Fibre Detours Boutique is now regularly stocking Rigid Heddle Loom Stands in three of the available sizes - 16", 24", and 32".

The stand positions the loom at a comfortable angle for weaving and has two side shelves for you extra shuttles. It assembles and disassembles easily allowing for easy storage with your loom when its not in use.
The stands are reasonably priced.
16" stand is $145.00 
24" stand is $150.00 
32" stand is $155.00

Monday, 11 May 2015

Updates, New Products, and FDB's Spring Fibre Sale is on

Spring is always a busy time of year around my house. This year is no exception. Spring cleaning seems to be on everyone's mind. I think it is another way we can take stock of what is going on in our homes, our workplaces, and our minds. There is an energy promoting growth and caring for one another.

As you may know I, Samantha, run Fibre Detours from my home. My mother is my silent - although not always- partner. She lives in Winnipeg and helps in all the ways she can while being over 2700 km away. My husband helps some with putting together orders when I'm not up to it. He also is my delivery guy running most orders to the post office and driving me to hand deliver those I can on the Montreal Island and those "close enough" in Quebec. Spring is present at Fibre Detours too.

We are having our Spring Fibre Sale! From now until Saturday May 30th, 2015 all of our fibres from Ashford Wheels and Looms and Louet NA are on sale. No coupon codes, just savings.

Unfortunately, our new inventory of fibre is not on sale. 
What new inventory you ask? 

We have brought in some magnificent fibres from DHG, the Dyeing House Gallery in Italy. DHG has a lot of beautiful fibre in many colours. If you happen to see something you'd like FDB to special for you from DHG's site, send me an email. I'll send you a quote and bring it in for you. No extra charges.

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