Tuesday 7 February 2017

The Ashford Jack Loom - Coming in April 2017!

The new Ashford Jack Loom features:
•  Eight shafts
•  Ten treadles
•  97cm (38”) weaving width
•  12dpi Stainless steel reed
•  35cm Boat shuttle
•  5 Cross sticks
•  10 wooden warpsticks
•  100 heddles per shaft
•  Bottom pivot beater with built-in shuttle race
•  Easy action warp advancement with steel ratchet
•  Large rising shed
•  Friction rear brake
•  Quiet smooth parallel lamms
•  Smooth nylon shaft guides and easy shaft removal
•  Folding back beam for storage and transport
•  Built-in raddle with cap rail 
•  Removable front beam – for easy threading
•  Removable back beam
•  Handy shelf above castle
•  Quick and easy warp stick attachment
•  Tip loom on front side for easy treadle tie-up changes 
I am so excited about this loom coming back! And that we are going to offer it here at the Fibre Detours Boutique! Please email me for more information.

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