Tuesday 24 June 2014

NEW Fibres from Ashford Wheels & Looms

There are two new stunningly luxurious fibres 
from Ashford Wheels & Looms! 
And The Fibre Detours Boutique is selling them right now!

100% White Baby Alpaca 
Silk, Alpaca, Fine Merino Blend.

100% White Baby Alpaca (21.5 micron)

Silk, Alpaca, & Fine Merino Blend

100% White Baby Alpaca (21.5 micron):  Baby Alpaca Fibre is extremely soft, sensuous, and supple. To say that this fibre is luxurious is not good enough. 
The fibre is slippery, contains drape, and has very little elasticity. This is a fibre that can do it all: Blend, Dye, Felt, and Spin.

What is the difference between Alpaca and Baby Aplaca? Baby Alpaca is always the first shearing, while all other shearings are simply called Alpaca. The first shearing is the preferred shearing for many since it is finer and softer than the later shearing.
Sold in multiples of 3.5oz (100g) for $17.00 CAD.   That's $4.85 per ounce.

20% Silk, 30% Alpaca, & 50% Fine Merino (19 micron) Blend: This blend is sumptuous, extremely soft, and full of luster. All of the fibres work together creating items with good elasticity, nice drape, and they are very warm. 
Working with this blend is a dream! It is a great for dyeing, felting, and spinning.
Sold in multiples of 3.5oz (100g) for $17.50 CAD. That's $5.00 per ounce.

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