Monday 9 June 2014

My relationship with socks

Ever since I was little I never liked to wear socks around the house. I don't regularly wear slippers either.  Maybe this is why I never really tried to master knitting socks.
I've attempted a few and only finished a single pair of sock. I like the socks. I even wear them, but I found them difficult to make. They aren't the same size, though I thought I had taken proper notes and followed them. I tried them on as I went yet still something went wrong. The pattern was top down using a thicker sock yarn (i.e., using 4mm needles). Using the same pattern I tried to make another pair, but those turned out horrible!
Now that the boutique is carrying great sock yarns I thought I'd try again. I went looking online for a new sock pattern. I found this one via my search on Ravelry. The pattern is called Mary's Sock KAL. The yarn I picked is called Purple, Burgandy, Green #309 Footsie by Diamond Select.
They are toe-up socks made two at a time. They were easy to make. I had no worries about different sock sizes since I was making them both at the same time.The pattern is so easy to follow I'm sure that once I'm comfortable with making them I'll be able to switch up the stocking stitch to another pattern easily.
I would highly recommend this pattern to anyone who wants to knit a pair of socks!
I've had them on since I finished them last night - and I still love them. I've now converted to someone who wears handmade socks - all the time.
I'm beginning a second pair today...That is after I pick which yarn I want to make them with. I think I might try Parrots - Hachito Sock Yarn by Mirasol. What do you think? image

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