Monday 3 November 2014

** New Products Alert **

Fibre Detours is excited to announce we now offer both 
Ashford Corriedale & Ashford Merino by the 1/2 oz!

The 1/2 oz (14.17g) quantity is great option when you need a less than 4 oz of a particular colour. Perfect for all fibrecrafts - needle felting, wet felting, spinning, blending, or carding.

Create your own 100g fibre packs by choosing 7 colours from our wide selection of Corriedale for only $7.00 - much less than at some other retailers.

Or for only $9.80 you can create a 100g fibre pack of 7 different colours of Merino.

Now you can experiment with new colours and fibre without breaking the bank.