Wednesday 14 May 2014

Boutique Updates

Things here at Fibre Detours have been busy. If you have visited our boutique recently you've found we have re-organized how we list our products. Rather than having a drop down menu for the various colours of a certain product they are now listed within a category.

The categories are listed in both the sidebar and the header bar. Now there is no guessing of which colour is which. We have listed some of the best sellers in each broad category so you don't need to go through each and every category. Although I invite you to do so... You never know when inspiration might strike you.

New pictures have been added to many of our products with more coming. Now you can see all the beautiful colours of Cottolin Weaving Yarns, Mercerized Cotton, and the stunning fibres.

All of the products listed are either In Stock or will be In Stock within a weeks time (i.e., they have been ordered from our distributor and are on route to us). So there will be no more confusion.
That's right! We Stock All Naturally Finished Ashford Spinning Wheels! Lacquered versions are Custom Orders & will be expedited to you.
Many New Products have come in that were on backorder from our distributors. These include new fibres like Superwash Merino, Peace Silk, and Ramie.
Eri Silk a.k.a. Peace Silk

New knitting needles and accessories such as Lace Blocking Mats & Wires, the Limited Edition Joy Karbonz IC Knitting Needles, and more!

I'd like to say
to our fantastic customers! 

You have helped us surpass our sales goals for the month of April.
Look for surprise sales on some of the items you have bought most often. 
They will run throughout the months of May and June.

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