Tuesday 10 February 2015

New Colour of Corriedale & 6 New Corriedale Fibre Packs

Ashford Wheels & Looms has released a new colour of Corriedale 

-- Orchid.

This beautiful colour is a great addition to Ashford's colour palette.

You can buy 4 oz. of Orchid from the Fibre Detours Boutique for only $7.50 (CAD).
Or buy Orchid in ½ oz quantities for only $1.00 (CAD).

We've added Corriedale Fibre Packs to our catalogue.

These fibre packs, made in house, contain aprox. ½ ounce of each of the 7 colours of Corriedale.
We have 6 collections to choose from: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Pastels, and Furry Friends. The total weight of Corriedale fibre is over 100gr.

A similar product sold by our competitors is priced at $10.50.
Our price is $7.00.

Why should you pay more for the fibre you already love?   



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